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Committed to furthering our potential to support our clients

Counselling All Nations provides its counselling staff and volunteers with adequate training in a number of fields to support those in need of our help. We are dedicated to furthering our skills and knowledge to provide the best service and outcomes for our clients. We regularly schedule meetings, workshops, seminars, away days, and group sessions for both our staff and the public. Details of these events can be found in the 'Upcoming Events' section below.


We are proud to be a participant in events such as the Belfast Mela and those scheduled by Belfast Area Partnerships and the Health Trust.


All our staff and volunteers recieve the following training:

  • Child Protection Training

  • Wellbeing Awareness Training

  • 'Living Life to the Full' Training

  • Take 5: Steps to Wellbeing 

  • Group Therapy Sessions 

  • Working with Interpreter in Therapeutic Environment Training

CANS Corrymeela Staff Residential - Feb 2023

A note from Dr Linda Agnew on Corrymeela:

"In January 2023, CANS arranged more opportunities for the Board to engage with and get to know and support counsellors. We met for a picnic in Ormeau Park in August 2023 and following conversations at this event arranged an overnight residential in Corrymeela Residential Centre in Ballycastle in February 2023. 

The purpose of this residential was for rest and self care, team building, and getting to get to know each other. Evaluation showed that this opportunity was welcomed and beneficial for the 16 participants and we hope to repeat this experience in the near future. Our Board and Counsellors see the need for CANS in their work and in their own communities. Our project on BAME mental health and emotional wellbeing, 
Hearing Our Needs, has confirmed these observations. As we look forward, we are embedding ongoing changes in structure and technology so we can build on the growth of the past years and continue to develop the work of CANS."

Photos by Satish Kumar


Counselling All Nations Services run a number of events throughout the year. Many of these events are fulfilled in partnership with organisations across Northern Ireland. See below a list of upcoming events hosted by Counselling All Nations and details of how to register where applicable. 

No events at the moment
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