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Culturally-sensitive counselling,
for all communities nationwide

Counselling All Nations Services (CANS), is a registered charity set up to respond and provide culturally sensitive counselling (in English or a common minority ethnic language) to adult people living and working in Northern Ireland whose first language is not English.


Our vision for the future is one where Individuals, families and communities live together in justice, harmony and welcome, meeting needs appropriately, with nobody left out. We are committed to ensuring that all the work of CANS is underpinned by the following values: Diversity, Justice, Integrity, Partnership, Professionalism, and putting the client first above all else. 


"To empower people from BAME communities in Northern Ireland to express and meet their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs."

Our Values


Appreciating the variety of human experience and culture and the importance of welcome, cultural sensitivity and language appropriateness in the provision of services to members of the BAME community; and the value of promoting social inclusion.


The fair and impartial treatment of all clients; respecting human rights, equality and dignity; and promoting the provision of effective and equitable services.


Being trustworthy and honouring the trust placed in us; doing what we say we will do; communicating counsellor’s qualifications, experience and working methods accurately; and working ethically and with careful consideration of the law.


Recognising that often much more can be achieved by working in partnership with others than working alone.


Working to professional standards by: working within our competence; keeping our skills and knowledge up to date; collaborating with colleagues to maintain and improve the quality of what is being offered to clients; maintaining professional boundaries; and keeping accurate and appropriate records. We will also foster the self-resect, self-knowledge, self-care, wellbeing, resilience and integrity of our counsellors. Honesty Demonstrating courage, honesty and accountability by communicating clearly what clients have a right to expect

Put clients first

Making the wellbeing, capabilities, resilience and safety of clients our primary concern; showing each of them respect and valuing them as a unique person; protecting their confidentiality and privacy; and respecting their right to be self-governing and make their own decisions and choices.

Where Can I Get Help?

West Belfast

Beech Hall Wellbeing & Treatment Centre
21 Andersonstown Rd
Belfast, BT11 9AF

Mob: 0759-613-9247

North Belfast

Grove Wellbeing & Treatment Centre
120 York Road
Belfast, BT15 3HF

Mob: 0759-613-9247

East Belfast

The Arches Treatment and Wellbeing Centre
4 Westminster Avenue North
Belfast, BT4 1NS

Mob: 0759-613-9247

South Belfast

Northern Ireland Muslim Family Association
7 Rugby Road

Belfast, BT7 1PS

Mob: 0759-613-9247

Our mission is proudly sponsored by the generosity of

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